Our offer for the contract sector

Special rooms require special sensitivity. Since our foundation more than 30 years ago, Garpa has equipped many exceptional and unusual properties here and overseas with high-quality furniture. Hotels and restaurants, cruise ships and golf clubs, castles and embassies are among our long-standing and satisfied customers. They have all, for very good reasons, decided in favour of the Garpa standard of quality and the comprehensive Garpa service. In synergy with architects and sector designers, it is understood that their prerequisites define our offer.

We will be happy to advise you and compile an individual offer. Please contact us on:  01273 486 400 or

Hotels and Restaurants

In the near future you would like to open a hotel and pamper your guests with exclusive style and comfort? You run a restaurant and would like to delight not only with fine cuisine and impeccable service, but also with select surroundings?

Garpa service for hotels and restaurants

Hotel and Contract Furnishers

You serve clients who set the same high standards for stylistic confidence, comfort, quality and service as you do yourself? Perhaps you too, produce furniture for exclusive interiors and are looking for an equally experienced and renowned partner for the outdoor furnishing?

Garpa service for hotel and contract furnishers

Architects and landscape designers

You desire to equip the exclusive buildings, parks and gardens you have designed with equally exclusive furniture? Garpa is the renowned specialist trusted for many years now by customers with the most discerning of requirements when it comes to the furnishing of inspiring spaces and outdoor places.

Garpa service for architects and landscape designers

Cruising, Shipping Companies, Ship Building

You build cruise ships for clients who set the same high standards for quality that you do yourself? You wish to take care of your cruise guests with superb style, comfort, and service? You would like to spoil them not only with unforgettable experiences, but also with exceptional surroundings?

Garpa service for cruise and shipping companies

Corporations, Embassies and Industry

You wish to inspire your business partners, guests and employees with the most comfortable and stimulating surroundings as possible? You place great emphasis on quality as well as on sustainability

Garpa service for corporations

Exclusive Sports Clubs and Spas

You operate an exclusive golf, sailing or riding club? You delight your members and guests with perfectly equipped and maintained sports facilities, with impressive landscapes and superb service?

Garpa service for sports clubs


Satisfied customers are our best reference. Here you can find a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, embassies and institutions around the world that have been outfitted with Garpa furniture for indoor or outdoor areas.


3D Planning Data

For layouts, detailed planning, and 3D visualisation of outdoor furnishing, we supply high-resolution images from our catalogues as well as 2D and 3D planning data in 3DS, DWG, and OBJ formats from our database.

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