PARASOLS & SUMMER CANOPIES Quality that puts everything in the shade

Garpa parasols cast long or short, angular or round shadows, over the garden lounger, by the pool or at the festive table with many guests. They moderate the light and heat of the day and retain the warmth long into the evening. They are available in many shapes and sizes.


You can find out which parasol size best suits your seating group with the help of our clearly presented, online Size Selection Guide.

Generally speaking – for smaller seating groups, balconies and loungers, the Campania, Liguria and Toscana parasols are especially suitable, as they can be aligned against a low sun with a practical articulated joint.
Large seating groups and tables are ideally shaded by pendulum parasols with a lateral pole such as Positano or Trentino, and series with different formats such as Umbria or Calabri.
We would also be happy to answer your questions on the phone or personally in one of our showrooms.



The canopies of all parasols are made of 100 % polyacrylic. They are UV-resistant and impregnated to repel water, dust and dirt. They are attached to the ribs with decorative leather corners or elegant metal fasteners and can be easily removed.

Protective covers included
When parasols are not in use, the cover supplied with each model offers protection. To avoid mildew stains, it should only be put on when both canopy and cover are completely dry.

Replacement canopies for long-serving parasols can be found on our website.

CLEANING & CARE Parasol canopies

If the canopy becomes dirty, it can be brushed off with a soft brush and clean water. If there is damp staining, such as bird droppings, it should be allowed to dry sufficiently before brushing off. In the case of more stubborn stains, the canopy can also be removed and washed at 30 °C on the delicate wash cycle. For larger parasols, we recommend taking the canopy to a professional laundry with larger-volume machines. After washing, the canopy and protective cover should be treated with a suitable impregnating spray. It is best to put the canopy back on the parasol while it is still damp. It should not be dried in the machine.

PREPARATIONS for the winter

During the winter, a parasol should be stored vertically or horizontally, and placed in a room well ventilated and protected from moisture. Before use, make sure that the protective cover is also dry from the inside and outside to prevent the formation of mould staining.

If you do not have these storage options, open parasols or summer canopies occasionally on nice days so that they can air and dry out. Only afterwards should the protective cover be put back on.

PARASOL STANDS Wheels & Spacers

Garpa uses hot-dip galvanised, and therefore rust-protected steel for the parasol stands, which are optimally adapted to the weight of the parasols. In order not to damage the galvanised underside, they should not be dragged over rough, uneven surfaces.

If the parasol stand is equipped with lockable wheels, even large parasols can move "light-footedly" with the sun. For flooring with large gaps, there is a doubled version. If your parasol is positioned on wooden flooring, we recommend spacers for the parasol stand, as they ensure better ventilation for the surface.

ACCESSORIES for special locations

A ground socket is ideal if the parasol has a fixed location. It is concreted into a foundation and thus provides optimum support. In winter, the parasol holder can be removed and the hole closed level to the ground with a cover plate.

Where parasol stands or ground sockets are unsuitable, a stainless steel flange, which is screwed onto a solid surface, can be used. Installation must be carried out by a specialist firm.

Please note that Garpa cannot provide drilling, foundation construction or other structural measures.