Antony & Grenoble

Mobile starting point for putting down roots: planters of refined beauty and quality appear like natural phenomena. Their stylistic perfection will give pleasure for generations to come.

ANTONY Planters

Straight lines, urban style: the double-sided, foursquare containers made of powder-coated aluminium fulfil their purpose – to display plants with minimalist perfection. The floating, quietly reserved elegance arises from the concealed feet or rollers that maintain a distance of just a few centimetres from the ground.

Traditional workmanship 

The planters are produced to the most exacting standards of craftsmanship in a manufactory near Dresden.

Aesthetic design

The purist planter Antony, and the classic model Grenoble, are both distinguished by stylistic confidence in colour, shape, and ornament.

High-quality material

The grey powder-coated aluminium is as elegant as it is robust. Absolutely weatherproof and frost-resistant, it withstands all seasons and remains flawlessly beautiful for decades.

Impeccable craftsmanship

Double-walled side panels with integrated insulating material protect plants from frosts.

GRENOBLE Planters 

Aristocratic appearance: with grace and harmonious ornamentation, the imposing containers made of powder-coated aluminium set beautiful accents. The column-like corner elements, crowned by spheres and supported on robust feet, are testimony to reassuring stability. A delicate design in high relief on the front, is the stylised image of the Garpa headquarters.

Sophisticated features

To prevent waterlogging, the planter is equipped with a drainage cushion and galvanised grate at the bottom.

Practical assistance

Easy to mount trellises that provide additional support for plants, are optional extras.

Secure footing

Innovative aluminium profiles form the robust corner construction. The high feet of the Grenoble planter permit the use of a fork-lift when moving about. The model Antony can be fitted with low feet or sturdy industrial-type rollers, both of which are not visible.

Flexible collaboration

The planters are available in three sizes each and can be individually combined.


Antony & Grenoble