Garden chairs made of high-quality teak are a centrepiece of the superb Garpa Collection and have now welcomed an exclusive addition. The Luton armchair is a modern masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship.


Luton Dining

Luton creates a lovely and generous space for gatherings outdoors and the enjoyment of the bright things in life. The gently rounded contours of the Preston tables made of plantation teak harmonise impeccably with the curving lines of the Luton armchairs creating a beautiful ensemble. Namur tables are becoming the coveted centerpiece of convivial gatherings.

The Luton armchair is distinguished by its fluent transitions

The curved backrest flows into discreetly sloping armrests, gentle curves merge into straight lines and robust teak slats come together to form an extremely comfortable seat. The delicate structure combines ergonomic shapes in a harmonious manner. Thanks to the minimalist design, the Luton armchair, made entirely of weather-resistant teak, is significantly lighter than its counterparts in the Garpa Collection – but notably, it possesses equal stability. The precision-made garden chair can also be stacked.