Thank you for your interest in Garpa Garden & Park Furniture. We would like to reassure our customers we are operating as usual and delivery is within 3 to 5 weeks.  Garpa couriers can deliver directly to outside areas where we will unpack, setup and remove your packaging for recycling.
If you would like further information during this period, please contact Sally Ashen 01273 486400,

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Free choice of seating: generous teak armchairs offer freedom of movement for adventurous contemporaries. These chairs usually reside on balconies and terraces. Smoothly and quickly they can be folded up and opened again in a sunnier spot or secluded corner – steadfast and beautifully comfortable.

At the table: Bowen incorporates all the advantages of classic teak chairs – and in addition, a talent for improvisation.

Viewed from the side, the frames trace an elegant arc from shoulder to footrest. Between the armrests there is plenty of space and the gentle curves of seat and backrest indulge their owners. The sophisticated folding mechanism, with its matt brass details, operates smoothly and easily. When surprise guests swell the gathering, a few more seats are quickly conjured up. Soft upholstery and, upon request, also feather cushions, are available in beautiful designs from quiet green to elegant herringbone.

As great as their many varied uses may be, folded up the armchairs are quite slender, and a simple manual action is all it takes to unfold their charm again. Simply take hold of the lever under the seat and push down until it locks. In this way everything remains secure when moving things around, until the lock is released. Round and square tables, also foldable, have been designed specially for this series. Teak tables however, whether extending or fixed, are always a pleasing match.

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