Thank you for your interest in Garpa Garden & Park Furniture. We would like to reassure our customers we are operating as usual and delivery is within 3 to 5 weeks.  Garpa couriers can deliver directly to outside areas where we will unpack, setup and remove your packaging for recycling.
If you would like further information during this period, please contact Sally Ashen 01273 486400,

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The blue hour: when the day’s light starts to fade from the windows, interiors begin to magically gleam.

Reflections on glass

Very beautiful and effective, the translucent Esbjerg table lamps create pleasant mood lighting. Perfectly shaped lucidity in the form of smoky-blue, yellow or turquoise coloured glass, gleams with lustrous wave patterns.

Evening illumation

Elegant shades made of fine, anthracite coloured linen, soften the light, textile cables set harmonizing accents. The Esbjerg table lamps are available in two sizes and in three colours.

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