Unequivocal Values

Take your place, enfolded in warmth and security: a feeling of inestimable value.

There are so many wonderful places out there in the world … all of them desirable, but with just one small imperfection. They are not to be found at our front door. I mean: directly on our doorsteps.

Like our gardens. One step outside and we are right in the middle of an idyl we ourselves have created, and which extends our house, better – our lives ¬– into the sublime realms of nature. Here, in this green living room, time acquires value and life itself takes on a special quality. For here we are in rapport with ourselves – alone or together with others.

At the very top of the wish list: invite friends, have a barbeque, cook together, sit around the table and chat. In-depth discussions. Laughter. Being happy, and sometimes sad, are normal occurrences among the many ups and downs of life, and contribute to what is genuinely worthy and true. And is this transposed living room, whose roof we have exchanged for garlands of leaves, not especially predestined to be enlivened and shared with our nearest and dearest – with our families?


The outdoors then becomes an intimate space for the inner circle, a place where we tell stories, reveal secrets – or keep them to ourselves.

And furthermore, is it not so that while musing or reading beneath trees, things and thoughts often take on other forms and shades of meaning? This is my experience, time and time again. Light and shadow, leaves and walls, sounds and silence take me happily out of my customary round, and return me refreshed to the work in hand. These small shifts of perception often cause surprising and unusual thoughts to pop up. Anyway, the creative process is stimulated. They count as one of the more tranquil contributions to life – one for which the lounger provides the perfect support. And when two are drawn up together, a delightful duet might possibly ensue.

For this way of embracing the time that is our own, for the art of making the most of life, for these inspirations, we have created our furniture. Faithfull companions, aesthetic to the last detail, linking the generations.

Yours Maren Köhler

Precious windows of time

Life is full of gaps – and this is actually entirely positive. For is it not so, that these wonderful spaces in-between can appear quite unexpectedly during the course of the day? Time windows that are all the more valuable to us because they distinguish themselves so entirely from the regular routine?

We love these breaks and like to spend them as often as possible in the garden. We take our foot off the accelerator, everything rolls out smoothly, the emotional horizon widens. And to stay with this image – how about immersing yourself in a game of chess with the carefree chirping of birds all around? As long it all remains far away from the competitive arena, it has an almost contemplative quality to it. We are soothed, and apart from sun, wind, and the pleasant greenness of things, our focused attention blends out everything else – it doesn’t even matter who wins. More significantly perhaps, it will depend on just what kind of furniture we choose to spend these relaxing moments …

Unwinding to perfection

The following belongs to the classic and best documented forms of relaxation, and is wholeheartedly recommended:

Wander at an even pace around your garden. A small pot of tea or a favourite beverage will enhance your mood. And don’t forget to take a book or some other reading material of your liking, and very soon you will be enjoying the lightness of leisure – especially when you have found a comfortable lounger. Now, the prospect of a peaceful state of mind is assured. Without a doubt.

And this is what happens: everyday reality fades delightfully into the distance, you stretch out completely relaxed on the cushions, muscle tone diminishes, blood pressure adjusts, and while reading, your mind begins to roam – free as a bird. Your gaze gradually slips from the page, glides randomly with no definable goal, over flowers, leaves, and lawn … and the effect is the touch of a gentle smile on your face – letting go in a way you mostly only read about.

And should a visitor appear, the possibility that this equilibrium could be disturbed is practically non-existent: resilience by virtue of inner harmony and lounger. A truly wonderful state of affairs.

Lived family time

A platitude, certainly. Taken from a child’s autograph/friendship book, perhaps, but no less true for being so. It is immensely satisfying to spend time around the table with the family.

If already happy for every minute spent together at home, how joyous to gather for culinary delights in the garden – and this is not to say that time stands still, as is so often alleged.

However, the impression that some events unfold more slowly than others shows just how strongly our sense of time is influenced by our feelings – if we are enjoying ourselves, time stretches out – and the open sky too, plays its part in intensifying our sense of ease and leisure.

Beyond this sensual dimension, time shared transmits values across a wider spectrum of society – and especially for the young guests. It functions like an anchor, provides orientation in the daily hustle and bustle, and encourages important social skills such as table manners, sharing, listening to and letting others finish speaking.

And should the children start quarrelling, the guidance of parents is invaluable in helping them smooth out differences. Even tasks like setting the table and clearing up can inspire a sense of identity within a community, and it goes without saying, encourage a keen sense of taste.
The nice thing however, is that all these important facets unfold and blossom in a playful and relaxed way outdoors, in the aesthetic environment of the garden. Perhaps this openness also encourages a much more assured and considerate way of treating each other.

Last but not least, the question of cake. We are absolutely convinced that a cake, served at the garden table, just tastes better. This observation may be totally unscientific, but we have to concede, it has been irrefutably confirmed by untold field trials. Once again, we see just what a garden is capable of.

Twofold happiness

Gardens have a not to be underestimated value for an all too human interrelation: body and mind. What is mind doing in our own green space? Well, according to popular philosophical ruminations, this particular spot is the ideal place to experience the uniquely exhilarating feeling of self-efficacy. In autumn – the border designed, the planting done, spreading horn shavings and compost complete – already the garden is taking the shape, which in spring, will reveal itself in all its glorious splendour. It is not surprising that this immensely satisfying experience alone, makes passionate gardeners of the most ardent indoor types. Even mowing the lawn produces an immediate aesthetic result – flowers and foliage stand out so much better against a quiet grassy area.

And so, the garden is a permanent enticement – and opportunity – to get some physical exercise, according to ambition and size of lawn. Anyone who, after endless rounds of badminton, football, frisbee or rampaging with the children, finally flops exhausted into the cushions, knows firstly, just how to appreciate the qualities of a good lounger. And secondly, from a detached perspective, the arrangement of leaf, flower, and green swathe: happiness doubled.


With friends beneath open skies

Exactly what special value community, friendship, even social interaction, has for us, and what this means in terms of quality of life, has once again become very apparent to many during the current state of affairs.

Indeed, it is in no way banal to say that time spent together with friends is an elixir of life. A vital source of warmth. Controversies and disputes are bound to occur. It does not matter. We live and learn together as long as we are open-minded and sympathetic towards each other. Perhaps it has something to do with the need for an understanding mirror. Someone, who without patronising, reflects things from an alternative standpoint, conveying thoughts and ideas that we are able to embrace and act on – and vice versa.

And where is this experienced more agreeably than around a large table outside, under wide open skies. In your own garden with all its possibilities. Whoever needs to take a quick break with a glass of wine, goes for a little walk and then returns to join the conversation. Those who prefer to dwell alone with their thoughts take a few minutes on the lounger. Here in the garden moving and breathing is relaxed, it is easier to find one’s own rhythm – and wonderful to anticipate.