Well-being in abundance

Although right now we can but dream of spring, the colours and designs of our fabric collection are a delicious intimation of the coming garden season. Therefore we would like to offer you the chance to augment your existing upholstery, cushions, and protective covers: order now at prices discounted by 20%.

Cushions in spring colours

Quintessential: well filled, covered with soft fabrics in beautiful hues from nature’s palette.


Upholstery for ultimate comfort

Custom-made for every Garpa model: original cushioning, tailored from the finest fabrics.


INTERIOR Furnishing and accessories

Contributing to a cosy atmosphere: cushions and plaids from our collection for interiors.

Interior furnishing

Protective Covers for every season

Weatherproof: protection for tables, chairs, and loungers – even for a whole stack.

Protective Covers