Thank you for your interest in Garpa Garden & Park Furniture. We would like to reassure our customers we are operating as usual and delivery is within 3 to 5 weeks.  Garpa couriers can deliver directly to outside areas where we will unpack, setup and remove your packaging for recycling.
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An overview of the favourite items in our garden furniture collection

You will find here an overview of the most popular garden furniture series in our product line.

Derry New Collection

Welcome in free-floating mode: Armchairs with clean, smoothly rounded contours have everything it takes to become modern classics. 


Newcastle New Collection

Dream destination and private retreat: the teak solitaire is a new interpretation of the Beach Chair – set to invite you on a luxurious voyage of discovery.


Temper Collection

The next generation of garden furniture announces itself with elegant contours and unusual colours. Designs, structures, and materials unite in creative interaction. Temper is a modern furniture series that combines exceptional elements in a unique way.


Bolero Collection

Inspired by the Bauhaus tradition and proven over the years: cantilever chairs and loungers for the garden are weatherproof in teak or synthetic sling and rest on a frame of stainless steel. A wider and lower lounge version is an invitation to sink into relaxation. 


Fontenay Collection

Their timeless design embodies the prototype of the garden chair. The Fontenay series carries the success story of its predecessors into the present - with benches, tables, and loungers that meet the most discerning requirements.


Trey Collection

Purists, too, appreciate relaxed comfort: table and benches in a straight-lined design provide plenty of space, welcome social activities, and also serve as a play corner. Above all, they guarantee comfort to which nothing can be added – or at the most, a few cushions.


Benton Collection

The armchairs and stools of the purist Benton series create a free and easy atmosphere. The quick-drying upholstery of the fixed or foldable garden chairs is especially comfortable. The clear design is echoed in the form of the matching tables.


Pan Collection

Pan garden furniture is reminiscent of timeless design icons. The filigree lacing – threaded through decorative eyelets – emphasises the impression of transparency. The minimalist furniture is available in a white, brown or an elegant graphite shade.


Bowen Collection

They come with you, change positions, and are highly versatile: precisely this flexibility has accorded foldables a permanent place in the world of gardens. With modern design and ease of handling the extremely successful model shows off its best qualities.


Valencia Collection

A choice series of teak garden furniture – designed for people who make contemporary demands of a classic material crafted in the traditional manner. Valencia chairs and benches are plain, but very present – and they guarantee the celebrated Garpa comfort.


Cavo New Collection

Between natural scenery, in furniture landscapes or in front of garden architecture, a top-class ensemble waits to indulge a discerning audience. Seductively comfortable designer furniture merges fascinating contrasts and textures.


Newhaven Collection

The most delightful relaxation is assured in the spacious lounge furniture made of teak. The seats are fitted with a fabric that firmly supports the soft upholstery. Coloured seams set an elegant accent. A rocking chair augments the comfortable series.


Morgans Bay Collection

The comfortable upholstery and the fabric covering of the casual lounge series have the same pleasant feel that one expects of indoor furniture. Sofas, tables, and loungers can be individually combined.

Morgans Bay


Benches belong to a garden, as does the sun to summer. In front of the house they are a welcoming prospect, in green corners an invitation to linger, and an eye-catcher at focal points in the garden.

Garden Seats

Aven Collection

Smooth warm teak wood and the cool shimmer of synthetic resin make a handsome pair – merged in straight-lined cushion chests that fulfil all the requirements a discerning owner might have.


Cushion Chests Collection

Cushion chests in various sizes protect cushions and upholstery from moisture and dirt. The handcrafted masterpieces are made of weatherproof teak. Hydraulic gas pistons ensure easy opening and closing.

Cushion Chests